Fish is the sassy & user-friendly command line shell you never knew you needed for Linux, macOS, and the whole gang. Out with the old-fashioned shells that skimp on features for the sake of every last byte of RAMโ€”finally, a command line shell for the 90s!

Welcome to the ultimate treasure trove of handpicked plugins, prompts, and other Fish goodies. You see, this isn't just any collectionโ€”we curate only the best of the best Fish projects for your friendly interactive shell. Got a top-notch project you want featured here? Send us a pull request, join the crew!

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  • Tide - A modern prompt manager for Fish
  • Pure - That ZSH prompt, now in Fish flavor
  • Hydro - Lag-free prompt with async Git status (ooh la la)


  • z - Pure-Fish rupa/z-like directory jumping
  • fzf - Ef-๐ŸŸ-ient key bindings for junegunn/fzf. (Alternative)
  • nvm - Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish
  • Done - Automatically receive notifications after a long process finishes
  • Replay - Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. (Alternative)
  • Spark - Sparklines for Fish
  • Fisher - Manage functions, completions, bindings, and snippets from the CLI
  • Fundle - plugin manager
  • GitNow - A collection of utility functions to speed up your git workflow
  • Sponge - Clean command history from typos automatically
  • Autopair - Auto-complete matching pairs in the Fish command-line. (Alternative)
  • Getopts - CLI options parser (alternative to the argparse builtin)
  • Fishtape - TAP-based test runner for Fish
  • Pufferfish - Text Expansions for Fish
  • Projectdo - Context-aware single-letter abbreviations to build, run, and test any project
  • Virtualfish - Virtualenv wrapper
  • Async Prompt - Make your prompt asynchronous
  • Apple Touchbar - Customize your Touch Bar in iTerm2
  • Abbreviation Tips - Remembering abbreviations by displaying tips when you can use them
  • Base16 Fish - A pure Fish solution to change your shell's default ANSI colors