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The friendly interactive shell (fish) is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family. Unlike previous shells, which disable certain features by default to save system resources, fish enables all features by defaultβ€”finally, a command line shell for the 90s!

A curation of packages, prompts, and resources for the friendly interactive shell. This page is not an official fish-shell project. We do not to advertise for profit. Want to have your project featured here? Send us a pull request. 🐚

Official Resources

Community Resources

Package Managers

  • Fisher - Minimal, fast and reliable package manager.
  • Fundle - package manager inspired by Vundle.
  • Tacklebox - Configuration framework for organizing and sharing utilities.
  • Oh My Fish! - OMZ-inspired shell configuration framework.


  • Tide - A modern prompt manager for the fish shell.
  • Pure - Port of the original pure prompt.
  • Mono - No bells or whistles, minimal shell prompt.
  • Bobthefish - Robust, git-aware, powerline prompt.
  • Async Prompt - Make your prompt asynchronous!


  • Z - Pure-fish rupa/z-like directory jumping. See also: fzf-fish-integration.
  • Bax - Run bash scripts, replaying environment changes in fish. See also: edc/bass.
  • Nvm - Pure-fish Node.js version manager. See also: fish-nvm, fast-nvm.
  • Done - Automatically receive notifications when a long process finishes.
  • Spark - Pure-fish sparkline generator: ▁▂▃▅▂▇ in your shell.
  • Pisces - Autoclose parentheses, braces, quotes and other paired symbols in the command-line.
  • GitNow - A collection of utility functions set to speed up your git workflow.
  • Getopts - CLI options parser; alternative to the argparse fish builtin.
  • Fishtape - TAP-based test runner for fish scripts.
  • Virtualfish - Virtualenv wrapper.
  • Apple Touchbar - Customize your Touch Bar in iTerm2.
  • Abbreviation Tips - Help you remembering abbreviations by displaying tips when you can use them.