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A curated list of the most fabulous packages, prompts, and resources for the friendly interactive shell.

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What's in the menu?

Package managers

  • Fisher - Minimal, fast and reliable package manager.
  • Fundle - package manager inspired by vundle.
  • Oh My Fish! - Shell configuration framework and package manager all-in-one.

Shell prompts

  • Pure - Port of sindresorhus/pure prompt.
  • Mono - No bells or whistles, minimal shell prompt.
  • Metro - Git-aware, space-conscious, powerline prompt.
  • Bobthefish - Robust, git-aware, powerline prompt.
  • Sashimi - A minimalist fish prompt made with raw fish.

Commands, utilities, functions

  • fish-abbreviation-tips - Help you remembering abbreviations by displaying tips when you can use them
  • enhancd - A next-generation cd command with your interactive filter
  • z - Pure-fish rupa/z-like directory jumping.
  • fzf - Improved key bindings for junegunn/fzf.
  • bax - Run bash scripts, replaying environment changes in fish (see also bass).
  • done - Automatically receive notifications when a long process finishes.
  • mock - Quick and powerful function mocks.
  • spark - Pure-fish sparkline generator: ▁▂▃▅▂▇ in your shell.
  • gitnow - A collection of utility functions set to speed up your git workflow.
  • pisces - Autoclose parentheses, braces, quotes and other paired symbols in the command-line.
  • getopts - CLI options parser; alternative to the argparse fish builtin.
  • git-util - Git utility functions to query the status of a repository.
  • fishtape - TAP-based test runner for fish scripts.
  • ssh-agent - Utility functions to start your ssh agent.
  • bang-bang - Bash-like history substitution.
  • virtualfish - Virtualenv wrapper.
  • apple-touchbar - Customize your Touch Bar in iTerm2.
  • acomagu/fish-async-prompt - Make your prompt asynchronous to increase it reactivity.
  • jorgebucaran/nvm - Pure-fish Node.js version manager.
  • fabioantunes/nvm - nvm wrapper with completions (see also brigand/fast-nvm).
  • jbonjean/re-search - More readline (or bash) like incremental history search.

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