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Sample apps and libraries

  • drivers-sample - Android Things driver samples: RGB LED strip (APA102), Temperature sensor (BMP280), Capacitive touch (CAP12xx), UART GPS, Segment display (HT16k33), Accelerometer (mma7660fc), PWM servo, PWM speaker, SSD1306 OLED display, 4-Digit Segment Display (tm1637), RainbowHat, SenseHat
  • New Project Template - Android Things empty project template.
  • CrunchyCalendar - A material calendar widget with infinite scrolling, date range selection and color customization.
  • sample-simplepio - Simple example of Android Things Peripheral I/O APIs.
  • sample-simpleui - Android Things Simple UI.
  • sample-button - Button and LED sample for Android Things.
  • sample-uartloopback - UART Loopback sample for Android Things.
  • sample-doorbell - Android Things Doorbell sample.
  • sample-weatherstation - Android Things Weather Station sample.
  • sample-nativepio - 3 simple examples using native c++ peripheral IO API.
  • sample-tensorflow-imageclassifier - Android Things TensorFlow image classifier sample.
  • Serial Port Api - A library to access serial ports in Android.
  • DoReFindMi - Musical, button combination-finding game for Rainbow HAT for Android Things.
  • candle - Simulation of a candle
  • native-libandroidthings - Android Things Native Library.
  • Robot - Android Things robot, controlled by web interface.
  • remote-barometer - Android Things project using BMP-180 pressure sensor, Firebase and android mobile app for rendering data
  • example GPIO input - GPIO input (button) clean code sample
  • example GPIO output - GPIO output (LED) clean code sample
  • example PWM - PWM (speaker/buzzer) clean code sample
  • example Speech-To-Text Speech-to-text with open source CMU Pocketsphinx recognizer.
  • codelab button-Firebase Codelab starting from button input to Firebase sync
  • Remote Storage - Create an FTP server using on raspberry pi and build your own wireless storage & backup solution for home.
  • Smart Switch - Control your home switches remotely from phone using Android Things & firebase realtime database.
  • Collision Detector - Get the distance of the object and alert using LED when object is too close using ultrasonic ranging sensor HC-SR04.
  • Smile Candy Machine - Presented at Google I/O 2017 - a candy dispenser activated by smiles. Uses Google Cloud Vision API and Firebase.
  • sample-hd44780 - This sample demonstrates how to control the HD44780 LCD using PCF8574's I2C with Android Things.
  • sample-lsm9ds1 - This sample demonstrates how to control the LSM9DS1 acceleration sensor and integrate it to the Android SensorManager.
  • sample-sh1106 - This sample demonstrates how to control the SH1106 OLED display using I2C with Android Things.
  • sample-hcsr04 - This sample demonstrates how to control the HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module and integrate it to the Android SensorManager.
  • sample-softpwm - This sample demonstrates how to control both software and hardware PWM.
  • sample-ds3231 - This sample demonstrates how to control the DS3231 real-time clock (RTC) using I2C with Android Things.
  • Smart Room - This sample shows how turn on/off a light by using a Relay and Firebase. / Este ejemplo muestra como prender y apagar la luz usando un relay y firebase


  • 1602 LCD display - 1602 LCD display
  • A4988 - A4988 stepper motor driver
  • ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer - ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer
  • ADXL362 Accelerometer - ADXL362 Accelerometer
  • Bosh BMP85/BMP180 - Bosh BMP85/BMP180 barometer
  • contrib-drivers - Android Things Open source peripheral drivers: RGB LED strip (APA102), Temperature sensor (BMP280), Capacitive touch (CAP12xx), UART GPS, Segment display (HT16k33), Accelerometer (mma7660fc), PWM servo, PWM speaker, SSD1306 OLED display, 4-Digit Segment Display (tm1637), RainbowHat, SenseHat
  • DaSiAnThiLib - HD44870 type displays (via LCM1602), PCF8574(A), PCF8591, Push buttons connected via PCF8574, TCS34725 I2C Colour sensor
  • DS3231 - real-time clock (RTC)
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic UserSensor - HC-SR04 Ultrasonic UserSensor
  • HC-SR04 - ultrasonic ranging module
  • HC-SR501 Motion Sensor - Motion Sensor Driver with creation tutorial
  • HCSR501 motion sensor - HCSR501 motion sensor
  • HD44780 - alphanumeric dot matrix LCD
  • HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer - HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer
  • keypad - Matrix Keypad
  • ledcontrol - MAX72xx LED Matrix
  • LSM9DS1 - 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer and temperature sensor
  • MCP3008 - Sample to use MCP3008 Analog to Digital Converter
  • MPR121 - Proximity capacitive touch sensor
  • MPR121 - MPR121 I2C touch sensor driver (tested on "Grove - I2C Touch Sensor")
  • numpad12 - Numpad with 12 buttons
  • RFID-RC522 - RFID reader for MIFARE cards. Authentication, reading and writing.
  • SoftPwm - Software PWM library for Android Things
  • Sparkfun - Combined driver for the sparkfun blocks: OLEDBlock, LSM9DS0, UART
  • SH1106 - OLED display
  • ULN2003 - 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor with ULN2003 driver
  • WS2801 - LED strips WS2801
  • BH1750 - Light sensor
  • TSL256x - Light-to-digital sensor driver


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