Awesome ESLint Awesome


A list of awesome ESLint configs, plugins, etc.

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Configs by Well-Known Companies/Organizations

Other Prominent Configs (100 stars or so)

Other Configs

  • Adjunct - A reasonable collection of plugins to use alongside your main ESLint configuration.
  • Ash-Nazg - One config to rule them all!
  • Cecilia - ESLint configuration for awesome projects.
  • ES - Shareable config for very strict code.
  • Hardcore - The most strict (but practical) ESLint config out there.
  • Problems - Shareable config that only catches actual problems, and doesn't enforce stylistic preferences.
  • Supermind - Shareable config for Supermind style.
  • Sheriff - Comprehensive and highly opinionated Eslint configuration. Typescript oriented.

Preconfigured Configs with ESLint Set up


Code Quality


  • Compat - Lint browser compatibility of APIs used (caniuse as an ESLint plugin).
  • ecmascript-compat - Disable ECMAScript language features not supported by your browserslist targets.
  • es - Disable specific ECMAScript language versions or individual features.
  • es5 - ESLint plugin for ES5 users (forbid ES2015+ usage).
  • ie11 - Detect unsupported ES6 features in IE11.



  • deprecate - Mark functions or modules as deprecated and get lint messages when they are used.
  • deprecation - Identifies use of jsdoc @deprecated functions.
  • disable - Disable specified plugins using file path patterns and inline comments.


  • HTML - Linting for JavaScript inside of HTML <script> tags.
  • Markdown - Linting for JavaScript inside of Markdown.


Languages and Environments

  • AssemblyScript - Rules for enforcing restrictions on TypeScript toward AssemblyScript compliance.
  • Babel - Adds replacements for built-in rules to include Babel features.
  • Coffee - Enables linting CoffeeScript files with, with optional linting rules from the Coffeelint library.
  • eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin - An ESLint plugin for linting ESLint plugins.
  • Flow
    • Flow - Flow type linting rules.
    • Flow Errors - Run Flow as an ESLint plugin.
  • HTML - ESLint plugin for HTML.
  • JSON
    • JSON - Lint your JSON files.
    • JSON, package.json - Lint, format, and auto-fix your JSON files. Sort your package.json.
    • JSON with Comments - ESLint plugin for JSON, JSONC and JSON5.
    • JSON Schema - Validates data defined in JavaScript, JSON, YAML and TOML using JSON Schema Validator.
  • MDX - ESLint Parser/Plugin for MDX.
  • Node - Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js.
  • SQL - SQL linting rules for ESLint.
  • TOML - ESLint plugin for TOML.
  • TypeScript - Linting rules for TypeScript.
  • YAML - ESLint plugin for YAML.


  • GraphQL
  • TypeGraphQL - Linting rules for TypeGraphQL, targeted at finding common mistakes.
  • jQuery - Linting rules for jQuery, including versioned configs for deprecated features.
  • JSDoc - Linting rules for JSDoc comments (including the JavaScript within @example).
  • Lodash
  • Mongodb - Mongodb native Node.js driver linting rules.
  • Ramda - Ramda specific linting rules.
  • RequireJS - Linting rules for RequireJS.
  • Tailwind CSS - Linting rules for Tailwind CSS classnames.


  • Diff - Run ESLint on your changed lines only. Also supports CI!
  • Misc - Miscellaneous rules including rules for creating custom checks and wrapping (modifying) third-party rules.
  • Notice - An eslint rule that checks the top of files and fixes them too!
  • Only-Error - Convert all rules to errors.
  • Only-Warn - Convert all rules to warnings.
  • PutOut - an ESLint plugin integrates putout linter into ESLint.
  • TypeLint - Introduces types, based on existing schemas (Swagger, Redux) and linting access to object properties, preventing undefined errors.
  • Woke - Helps catch insensitive words, promoting an inclusive codebase.

Practices and Specific ES Features

  • array-func - Avoid redundancy when using es2015 array methods and functions.
  • arrow functions - ESLint rules to ensure proper arrow function definitions.
  • boundaries - Ensures that your architecture boundaries are respected by the elements in your project checking file structure and dependencies.
  • ESLint Comments - Best practices about ESLint directive comments (/*eslint-disable*/, etc.).
  • eslint-plugin-hexagonal-architecture - A plugin that helps you to enforce hexagonal architecture best practices.
  • eslint-plugin-write-good-comments - Enforce good writing style in comments.
  • fp - ESLint rules for functional programming.
  • functional - ESLint rules to disable mutation and promote fp in JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Immutable - Disable all mutation in JavaScript.
  • import - Linting of ES2015+ import/export syntax, and prevent issues with misspelling of file paths and import names.
  • new-with-error - Require errors to be thrown using new.
  • no-argument-spread - Lints against expressions like Math.max(...args) that can lead to a stack overflow for large arrays.
  • no-comments - Prevents leaking comments into production if bundler is not used and stops developers from commenting out old lines of code.
  • no-constructor-bind - Encourages use of class properties by reporting use of this with bind or setting state in constructors.
  • no-inferred-method-name - Custom rule for ESLint that checks for inferred method names within object literals.
  • no-loops - It's 2019 and you still use loops?
  • no-restricted-syntax - Show queried syntax's content in messages.
  • no-use-extend-native - Prevent using extended native objects.
  • Promise - Best practices when working with promises.
  • pure - Enforce pure functions (without side effects).
  • RegExp - ESLint plugin for finding regexp mistakes and style guide violations.
  • sort-keys-fix - Adds fixer for ESLint sort-keys rule.
  • this - Write pure functions, don't allow this.
  • toplevel - An eslint plugin for disallow side effect at module toplevel.



  • no-secrets - An eslint plugin that detects potential secrets/credentials.
  • no-unsanitized - Checks for innerHTML, outerHTML, etc.
  • pii - Checks and enforces PII Compliance of the code. i.e. no email address, birth date, IP address or phone number in comments or string literals.
  • ScanJS config and plugin - Security-related rules.
  • Security - ESLint rules for Node Security.
  • xss - Tries to detect XSS issues in codebase before they end up in production.


Testing Tools


  • babel-eslint-parser - @babel/eslint-parser allows you to lint ALL valid Babel code with the fantastic ESLint.
  • TypeScript - A TypeScript parser that produces output compatible with ESLint.
  • BrightScript - BrightScript plugin for Roku development. Includes Parser and Rules.
  • GraphQL - Parser for the GraphQL AST. Includes parser, plugin, processor (for non-graphql files) and rules.


  • html - A enhanced ESLint formatter
  • badger - Make SVG-based badges summarizing ESLint results (e.g., for use on a README).
  • git-log - ESLint Formatter featuring Git Author, Date, and Hash.
  • github - See ESLint errors and warnings directly in pull requests.
  • gitlab - Output ESLint results in the GitLab code quality results.
  • mo - Good-lookin' ESLint formatter and also for delightful reading experience.
  • SARIF - Generate a results in a SARIF format so it can be imported into tools like GitHub Advanced Security.
  • summary-chart - Format ESLint output into a bar chart.



  • eslint-define-config - Provide a defineConfig function for .eslintrc.js files.
  • es-file-traverse - Obtain a list of only those files which are in use based on imports and/or requires from an entry file or files; list passable to ESLint. Intended esp. for linting 3rd party dependencies.
  • eslint-find-rules - Find built-in ESLint rules you don't have in your custom config.
  • eslint-index - CLI for finding and managing rules in ESLint config files.
  • eslint-interactive - The CLI tool to fix huge number of ESLint errors.
  • eslint-multiplexer - Multiplex eslint results and merge results for common files.
  • eslint-nibble - Ease into ESLint, by fixing one rule at a time.
  • eslint-rule-documentation - Find the url for the documentation of an ESLint rule.
  • eslint-watch - Run ESLint with watch mode.
  • codacy-eslint - Docker used at Codacy to run ESLint.
  • esprint - Run ESLint across multiple threads.
  • generator-eslint - Generate ESLint plugin and rules with Yeoman.
  • editor-info - Detect whether one is within an editor/IDE and which type, allowing one to tweak ESLint configuration accordingly.
  • eslint-dashboard - Interactive ESLint workflow that lives in your terminal.
  • eslint-remote-tester - CLI tool for testing given ESlint rules against multiple repositories at once.

Developing for ESLint

  • eslint-doc-generator - Generate documentation for your ESLint plugin including a rules table for your readme and header for your rule docs.
  • eslint-docgen - Automatically generate ESLint plugin documentation from rule metadata and test cases.


Installation and Setup

  • Lintier - CLI to quickly scaffold an ESLint & Prettier setup in a TypeScript project.