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Useful resources for creating Progressive Web Apps

Inspired by the awesome list thing.

What is a Progressive Web App ?

A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. They evolve from pages in browser tabs to immersive, top-level apps, leveraging the web's low friction.

Source: Google Developers - Progressive Web Apps

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  • Workbox: Javascript Library for building progressive web apps
  • sw-precache: A node module to generate service worker code that will precache specific resources
  • sw-toolbox: A runtime caching library
  • platinum-sw-register: handles service worker registration for Polymer applications
  • offline-plugin: Offline plugin (ServiceWorker, AppCache) for webpack (
  • serviceworkerware: An Express-like layer on top of ServiceWorkers to provide a way to easily plug functionality
  • msgr: Nifty service worker/client message utility
  • UpUp: Makes sure your users can always access your site's content, even when they're on a plane, in an elevator, or 20,000 leagues under the sea
  • fetch-sync: Proxy Fetch requests through the Background Sync API
  • FetchManifest: Fetch a parsed manifest from a manifest or site URL (online service)
  • fetch-manifest-json: Fetch the mainfest.json from an URL.
  • manifest-json: CLI tool for creating mainfest.json.
  • PWAify: CLI tool to convert your PWA into a cross-platform desktop app.
  • Manifest Generator: This simple page will generate the manifest file for you.
  • sw-delta: An incremental cache for the web.
  • DSW: Generate your Service Worker dynamically, webmanifest, rules for requests, redirects, etc.
  • sw-precache-webpack-plugin: SW Precache Webpack Plugin
  • serviceworker-webpack-plugin: Simplifies creation of a service worker to serve your webpack bundles.
  • serviceworker-rails: Plugin to integrate Service Worker with the Rails asset pipeline.
  • Service to generate a service worker/manifest and host apps/games as PWAs
  • a2hs.js: A useful modern JavaScript solution that helps your website users to add (install) a progressive web app to the Home Screen of their mobile iOS devices.