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An awesome list limited to the best JavaScript learning resources

This list is mainly about JavaScript - the language. Not about APIs, tooling, frameworks or other aspects of todays JavaScript ecosystem.

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JavaScript References

Articles & Tutorials

Overall Topics

*MDN offers a lot of other guides for every level of knowledge to dig deeper.

Single Topics

  • JavaScript Closures Demystified - Covering closures. From basics to use cases. Has useful comments.
  • Understanding Hoisting - Detailed explanation of the concept of hoisting in JavaScript.
  • Array operations - Covering the usefulness of Array's map, reduce, and filter methods.
  • Promises - Learning promises step by step.
  • Async/Await - Tutorial showing the advantages of consuming Promises via async functions.
  • Pure functions - Answers the question »What is a Pure Function?« epicly.
  • Using Fetch - Describes thoroughly how to use the Fetch API to receive and send data.
  • Chrome DevTools - Everything you need to know about the debugging tools built into Google Chrome.

Free eBooks


Thin books which you can get through in a few days.


  • ②ality - Language features and APIs well explained by author and trainer Dr. Axel Rauschmayer.
  • Pony Foo - Detailed and high quality posts from Nicolás Bevacqua all related to JavaScript.


Interactive learning

  • Udacity JavaScript Basics - They also offer more advanced courses.
  • Code School - From Basics to Best Practices. Different courses related to JavaScript.
  • Functional programming - Learn basic principles of functional programming in an interactive way by using map, filter, concatAll, reduce and zip.
  • JavaScript30 - Video course with 30 small and self-contained tutorials to build neat little things with plain JavaScript.
  • Learn JavaScript Online - Interactive JavaScript course with spaced repetiton flashcards app.
  • Exercism JavaScript Track - Exercism provides individual practice and mentor-based learning for free.

ES6 and above

DOM related


  • The Art of Node - Introductory tutorial covering the basics.
  • NodeSchool - Interactive self guided workshops you can also do on your own.
  • Node Patterns - Short books about code and networking patterns related to Node.js.
  • Learn Node - A premium training course to learn to build apps with Node.js, Express, MongoDB.


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