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Curated list of investment & finance related resources.





  • Varsity - Varsity is an easy to grasp collection of stock market lessons with in-depth coverage and illustrations. Created by: Zerodha
  • Introduction to Investments - Learn about equity markets and security valuation Created by: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization - In this Specialization, you will learn how to think about, discuss, and formulate solutions to these investment questions. You will learn the theory and the real-world skills necessary to design, execute, and evaluate investment proposals that meet financial objectives. Created by: Rice University
  • Financial Management Specialization - This Specialization covers the fundamentals of strategic financial management, including financial accounting, investments, and corporate finance. You will learn to evaluate major strategic corporate and investment decisions and to understand capital markets and institutions from a financial perspective, and you will develop an integrated framework for value-based financial management and individual financial decision-making. Created by: University of Illinois
  • Investment Management Specialization - In this Specialization, you will understand how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals in a global context. You will learn the theory that underlies strong investment decisions, as well as practical, real-world skills that you can apply when discussing investment proposals with your advisor, managing your personal assets or your client’s investment portfolio Created by: Geneva Finance Research Institute
  • Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization - The Investment Management Specialization teaches professional asset management of securities using portfolio management and behavioral aspects of finance. Specific topics include: an introduction to the basics of finance, how to evaluate risk and expected return, the behavioral aspect of investment strategy, and current trends. Indian School of Business
  • Computational Investing, Part 1 - Why do the prices of some companies’ stocks seem to move up and down together while others move separately? What does portfolio “diversification” really mean and how important is it? What should the price of a stock be? How can we discover and exploit the relationships between equity prices automatically? We’ll examine these questions, and others, from a computational point of view. Created by: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Python for Trading - The course is designed for anyone who wants to start trading in Python. It covers important concepts from scratch, and also helps to develop and improve Python skills specific to trading. Topics covered include objects, namespaces, classes, data structures, data analysis libraries, coding trading strategy using Moving Averages and a technical Indicator called Relative Strength Index. Created by: QuantInsti
  • Getting started with Algorithmic Trading - This is a unique and comprehensive course designed for commodity market professionals and participants, traders, analysts, consultants, brokers, technocrats or anyone who wants to get started in algorithmic trading. Apart from introduction to different strategy paradigms, back-testing techniques, available programming languages, regulations & compliance around algo trading, the course will map out the requirements for setting up an algorithmic trading platform. Created by: QuantInsti
  • Financial Analysis for Decision Making -Learn how to analyze business opportunities for their financial viability and secure funding to start and grow your business. Created by: Babson College
  • Understanding Islamic Insurance and Investments - Learn about the Islamic Takaful system and the basics of Islamic insurance, mutual and investment funds. Created by: The Islamic Research and Training Institute
  • Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in R - In this course, you will learn this by critically analyzing portfolio returns using the package PerformanceAnalytics. The course also shows how to estimate the portfolio weights that optimally balance risk and return. This is a data-driven course that combines portfolio theory with the practice in R, illustrated on real-life examples of equity portfolios and asset allocation problems.