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A curated list of NodeCG v0.9 bundles and resources.

Looking for bundles for an older version of NodeCG? Check the old-versions folder.
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Intro to NodeCG

NodeCG is a broadcast graphics framework and application. It provides an API and structure for making dynamic graphical assets for broadcast use. NodeCG graphics packages are called "bundles". NodeCG is primarily aimed at Twitch broadcasters using Open Broadcaster Software, but is usable in any environment that can render HTML, including CasparCG.

Still not clear on what NodeCG is and what it is used for? These videos go over some of the more prominent uses of NodeCG:

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Complete Systems

NodeCG bundles (or suites of bundles) that provide an entire production system by themselves. They're generally targeted at a specific game or type of show, though some may be more generalized. Right now, there is only a single published bundle for NodeCG 0.9:

  • sgdq17-layouts - The on-stream graphics used during Summer Games Done Quick 2017.


Bundles which provide alerts on an overlay.

  • prime-alerts - Basic follow, sub and tip alerts that listen to nodecg-mixer messages.


Bundles which provide some form of visual information on an overlay.

Service Integrations


  • lfg-twichapi - Lets other bundles easily query the Twitch API on behalf of a logged in user.
  • nodecg-twitch-service - Tracks Twitch events and emits them as events for other bundles.



  • prime-manual-alerts - Manual emits follow, subscription, host and tip events which prime-alerts can listen to.
  • prime-socialmedia - A NodeCG social media displayer for popups with information on several social media platforms.
  • streen - A centralized interface for interacting with Twitch Chat.
  • Dashboard - A Standalone application to check and use your NodeCG Dashboard.
  • NodeCG-OBS - Adds the ability to connect to 1-4 instances of OBS (via obs-websocket) to your NodeCG bundle.

Dashboard Polymer Elements

These are Polymer elements meant to be used as part of a dashboard panel. Think of them as building blocks that can be used to speed up development time of a panel.



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