Awesome Pharo Awesome

A categorized community-driven collection of awesome Pharo libraries, tools, frameworks and software.

Table of contents


  • DeepTraverser - Library for traversing object graphs (managing cycles).
  • FuzzySearcher - Simplified implementation of ambiguous matching algorithm based on Baeta-Yates, R.A., Gonnet, G.H., Wu, S. and Manber, U.
  • StableMarriage - A solver for the stable marriage problem written in Pharo.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The full list of AI and machine learning libraries, tools, and resources for Pharo is available at pharo-ai / awesome-pharo-ml.

  • Keras Wrapper - Allows to use Keras functions within Pharo.
  • NEAT (NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies) - A genetic algorithm for evolving artificial neural networks. NEAT is probably the most popular algorithm for neuroevolution.
  • pharo-ai / APriori - Fast algorithm for mining frequent sets of items and finding association rules between items in a database of transactions.
  • pharo-ai / KMeans - K-means clustering.
  • pharo-ai / NaiveBayesClassifier - Implementation of a multinomial Naive Bayes classifier in Pharo that can be used for simple spam detection and sentiment analysis.
  • pharo-ai / NgramModel - N-gram language model that can be trained to estimate the probability of a next word based on N-1 previous words.
  • pharo-ai / TF-IDF - Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF), a statistical metric that reflects the importance of a word in a document. Can be used for finding keywords, ranking words by importance, or as a simple way of finding semantic similarity between documents.
  • TensorFlow Bindings - Allows to use TensorFlow in Pharo.


Code generation

  • PharoJS - Converts Pharo code to Javascript.
  • Python3Generator - A toolkit to generate Python 3 source code from Pharo.
  • XML-XMLWriter - Block-based API for XML generation for Pharo.

Code quality

  • Chanel - A cleaner for Pharo Smalltalk code.
  • QualityAssistant - A live feedback code quality tool for Pharo.
  • Rules - Rules is a small model of rules that a model should not violate. It is able to compute the technical debt for a set of violations.

Command line

  • clap-st - Command-line argument parsing for Pharo.
  • Pharo server tools - Tools to deploy and manage headless Pharo servers from the command line.
  • pi - CLI tool to install Pharo Smalltalk packages.

Component-Based Architectures

  • Molecule - A component oriented framework for Pharo.

Data interexchange format

  • Arff - An Arff generator written in Pharo, Arff is the dataformat used by weka.
  • CSV - NeoCSV is an elegant and efficient standalone Smalltalk framework to read and write CSV converting to or from Smalltalk objects.
  • Fuel - A general-purpose object serialization framework for Squeak and Pharo, developed in Pharo.
  • msgpack-smalltalk - MessagePack serialization library.
  • NeoJSON - Framework to handle JSON in Pharo.
  • NeoUniversalBinaryJSON - An implementation of Universal Binary JSON (UBJSON) for Pharo.
  • pharo-ical - iCalendar import and export.
  • Pillar - Markup syntax and associated tools to write and generate documentation, books and slides.
  • Protobuf - Google's protocol buffers support for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • SIXX - XML serializer/deserializer.
  • STON - The Smalltalk Object Notation, similar to JSON but for Smalltalk.
  • Tabular - Support of common spreadsheets formats (CSV, XLSX, ODS).
  • XML-Pastell - An XPath-like DSL that makes navigation in XML DOM trees easier.
  • XML-Parser - Official XML parser maintained by Pharo community.
  • XML-Support - XML Support for Pharo.
  • XML-XMLParserStAX - Official XML pull parser for XMLParser maintained by Pharo community.
  • XML-XMLParserHTML - Official parsers for HTML that convert possibly malformed HTML into well-formed XML maintained by Pharo community.
  • XML-XMLWriter - Official XML generation framework maintained by Pharo community.
  • XML-XPath - Official XPath library for Pharo.
  • Soup - HTML Scraping library for Pharo.

Data Structures


  • CDB - a CDB implementation in Pharo.
  • CouchDB - Pharo client for CouchDB NoSQL Document Database.
  • Garage - Database drivers for the Pharo language.
  • Glorp - Multi-database cross-platform object-relational persistence for Pharo and many other Smalltalks.
  • GlorpSQLite - SQLite for Pharo, standalone and integrated with Glorp.
  • P3 - PostgresV3 protocol client for Pharo, standalone and integrated with Glorp.
  • pharo-ado - Enable data persistence in Pharo by using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) on Microsoft Windows and external DBMS.
  • Pharo-UDBC - Pharo Universal Database Connectivity.
  • PunQLite - UnQLite binding for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Tarantalk - Tarantool client for Pharo.
  • SCouchDB - Pharo driver for CouchDB database using Zinc client. Supports Mango queries and implements Voyage API.
  • Simple-Persistence - Simple file base persistence for when you don't quite need a database.
  • SQLite3 - A clean SQLite FFI binding for Pharo for those who only want to use SQLite easily.
  • Voyage - An object persistence abstraction layer for Pharo.


  • Datasets - A collection of small toy datasets used for demonstration and experiments with AI and machine learning. Includes many famous datasets such as Iris, Boston Housing, Wine, Diabetes, MNIST, etc.
  • Les Miserables - Coappearance characters of Les Miserables.
  • RandomPartitioner - A tool for partitioning a dataset. Given a set of proportions (e.g. 50%, 30%, and 20%), it shuffles the collection and divides it into non-empty subsets in such a way that every element is included in exactly one subset. Can be used in machine learning and statistical analysis for splitting datasets into training, validation, and test sets.

Documents Generation

  • Artefact - Artefact is a framework to generate PDF documents in Pharo.


  • Bloc - Next generation low-level UI infratructure and framework for Pharo.
  • Brick - Next generation widget libraries for Pharo. Works on top of Bloc.
  • ConstraintsLayout - A constraints layout for morphic using Cassowary as its backend.
  • Colors Extensions - Extensions to Pharo colors.
  • GraphViz - Pharo GraphViz binding.
  • Jun - A 3D graphics library with chemoinformatics extensions.
  • MaterialColors - Project implementing Material Design recommandations on colors.
  • PlantUMLPharoGizmo - Pharo support for PlantUML.
  • Roassal - The agile 2D visualization engine for Pharo.
  • Sparta - Sparta is an almost stateless vector graphics API for Pharo that provides bindings to the Moz2D rendering backend.
  • SpecUIAddOns - Add-ons for Spec UI description framework.
  • Woden - A 3D graphics engine for Pharo.



  • GitBridge - Access resources and information from the git repository containing your project.
  • OSC - An open sound control library.
  • TUIO - A driver for TUIO.


  • HID - An implementation of the Human Interface Device protocol with a driver to be used with libusb.
  • PharoThings - Live programming platform for IoT projects based on Pharo.

Language extensions

  • I18N - Internationalization support for applications.
  • Talents - Implementation of Talents in Pharo. Allowing us to extend the behaviour in single instances.



  • Beacon - A logger using beacon.
  • TinyLogger - A really small logger for Pharo applications.


  • Magritte - A fully dynamic meta-description framework.


  • Aconcagua - This model represents measures as first class objects, that is, an object that encapsulates a number with its unit.
  • BugReport - A small project to ease the bug reporting in Pharo application by dumping clear and detailed stacks.
  • DMirror - Tool to spawn new job on forked Pharo images.
  • Dr Geo - A software to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches. It helps kids to explore geometry.
  • Fog - Pharo Ethereum Driver.
  • IPFS - Binding to InterPlanetary File System for Pharo.
  • ISO3166 - Codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest for Pharo applications.
  • PharoFamily - PDF image showing a part of Pharo ecosystem.
  • PharoMisc - Small utilities and libraries around various topics.
  • PTerm - Using Unix terminal from Pharo.
  • Stylesheet - Stylesheet is a project to define css like stylesheet in Pharo applications.
  • Territorial - Geographical Information Retrieval (GIR) project including features to access geopolitical objects like Nations, Cities, Regions, International Organizations, and statistical data.

Network protocols

  • FileSystemNetwork - Adds WebDAV and FTP support to Pharo's FileSystem framework. This allows you to use remote WebDAV and FTP locations with the same (FileSystem) API that's used for disk access.
  • JRPC - Yet another JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Zodiac (built-in) - Zodiac is an open-source Smalltalk framework implementing TLS/SSL secure as well as regular socket streams.

Pharo images management

  • - Fresh, ready-to-hack Pharo images.
  • Pharo Install - A command-line tool for installing Pharo Smalltalk packages into fresh images.
  • Pharo Launcher - Official tool to manage your pharo images and download new ones.

Projects management

  • Chrysal - How to manage application configuration.
  • Cruiser - Application packager for Pharo.
  • DeploymentUtility - A project providing a facade to help to deploy pharo projects.
  • Filetree - A file-per-method export format of Pharo source code allowing one to version code with git, svn, fosil, etc.
  • Metacello - A package management system for Pharo.
  • pharo-server-tools - Tools to deploy and manage headless Pharo servers from the command line.
  • SmalltalkCI - Framework for testing Smalltalk projects on Linux, macOS, and Windows and on Travis CI, AppVeyor, and GitLab CI/CD.
  • Tonel - A file-per-class export format of Pharo source code allowing one to version code with git, svn, fosil, etc.

Scientific libraries

  • BioSmalltalk - Bioinformatics Library for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • CORMAS - CORMAS (Common-pool Resource and Multi-Agent Simulation) is a agent based model library in Smalltalk.
  • GADM - A browseable GADM world tree for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Geometry - A library for representing basic geometry elements and doing computations with them.
  • HoneyGinger - a fluid dynamics simulation engine focused on interactivity and visualization
  • Kendrick - Domain-Specific Modeling for Epidemiology.
  • MatplotLibBridge - A bridge to Python's Matplotlib.
  • Mathemagics - Symbolic algebra package that handles mathematical expressions using simplification, derivatives, functions, variables, etc. Calculator included. Parser supports infix notation.
  • Polymath - Set of mathematical tools for Pharo. Similar to numpy in Python.
  • RMapViewer - A Viewer for chemical reaction maps.
  • StNER - Interface to the Stanford Named Entity Recognizer.
  • Units - A simple package for Units management in Pharo.
  • Z3950 - ZOOM FFI Client for Z39.50 Protocol.

Software / data analysis

  • CCBC - Code Critics Bar Chart for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • DesignInfo - Collects package metrics (SLOC).
  • Moose - Platform for software and data analysis.
  • PetitParser - Petit Parser is a framework for building parsers using objects.
  • PostgreSQLParser - A parser for PostgreSQL queries and Plpg/SQL source code.


System interaction

  • KerasBridge - Bridge between the Keras library for neural network and Pharo
  • LibUSB - A FFI binding to libusb C library.
  • OSSubprocess - Allows one to spawn Operating System processes from within Pharo language.
  • Pharo-OS-Linux-Ubuntu - Support for Ubuntu operating system for Pharo.
  • Pharo-OS-OSX - Support for OSX operating system for Pharo.
  • Pharo-OS-Unix - Support for Unix operating system for Pharo.
  • Pharo-OS-Raspbian - Support for Raspbian operating system for Pharo.
  • Pharo-OS-Windows - Support for Windows operating system for Pharo.
  • ProcessWrapper - Plugin + Wrapper code for Windows process execution.
  • PythonBridge - A bridge between Python and Pharo. This bridge allows to seamlessly use Python libraries in Pharo
  • SystemInteraction - A project to simplify system interactions in Pharo providing a facade to OSSubProcess and OSWindSubProcess and some pre-made commands.


  • Babymock - A visual mock object library.
  • DrTests - An extendable, plugins-based UI for testing Pharo projects.
  • Hapao - Spy2 is a profiling framework. Spy2 contains Hapao, the visual test coverage tool.
  • Mocketry - Mock objects library with very fluent lightweight API.
  • µ-talk - Mutation Testing in Smalltalk.
  • ParametrizedTests - Extension to SUnit to implement parametrized tests in Pharo.
  • StateSpecs - Assertions library based on should expressions.




  • Iceberg - Set of tools to handle git repositories from a Pharo image.


  • Amber - Amber is an implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JavaScript runtime. It uses Pharo as reference implementation.
  • ChartJs - Seaside binding of ChartJs to display and interact with charts.
  • CodeParadise - Run Pharo code inside a tiny SqueakJS VM and manipulate the Dom via WebComponents and MVP
  • Ethel - Lightweight framework for composing web service clients.
  • HighchartsSt - A Highcharts Js API wrapper for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • MaterialDesignLite - Binding google's Material Design Lite project for Seaside.
  • OpenAPI - A pharo implementation of OpenAPI 3.0.1, a machine-readable interface files specification for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.
  • Parasol - Testing web apps in Smalltalk using Selenium WebDriver.
  • PharoJS - Develop in Pharo, Run on Javascript.
  • Pragma-Validators - Pragma validators for Pharo accessors, inspired by Java Bean Validation annotations.
  • PrismCodeDisplayer - Code displayer for Seaside base on Prism.js project.
  • RenoirSt - A DSL enabling programmatic cascading style sheet generation for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Seaside - Framework to develop sophisticate web applications in Smalltalk.
  • SeasideBootstrap - Binding to Twitter's Bootstrap project for Seaside.
  • Teapot - Micro web framework for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Teapot-ACL - A minimalistic role-based access control list for Teapot authorization.
  • TelescopeCytoscape - Interactive visualization project for Seaside based on Cytoscape.js.
  • Willow - Web Interaction Library that eases the burden of creating AJAX-based web applications.
  • Zinc - HTTP components to deal with HTTP networking in Smalltalk.

Web API clients

  • DiscordSt - DiscordSt is a client for Discord written in Pharo.