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The reMarkable is a paper tablet for those who prefer writing on paper. Its remarkably fast paper-white display, Linux based operating system and awesome community make it highly attractive amongst hackers and developers.

Contributions are welcome as long as they follow the guidelines.


No project here is affiliated or endorsed by reMarkable AS. If you modify your device official support might refuse to help you.

Write down your SSH password


Make sure you have saved your SSH password somewhere secure, or you have setup a SSH key

You can find the SSH password in your settings: Settings > Help > Copyrights and licenses > General information (scroll down).

Failure to do so could result in a soft-bricked device that requires emergency recovery.

Factory reset may brick your device

This function may not do what you are expecting. While it resets all user data, it will not restore the device to the original factory condition. It will reset your SSH password and remove all SSH keys, which may make it impossible to connect to your device if it is malfunctioning.

See for more information on how to properly factory reset your device.

Take special care if you are using a reMarkable 2.



Cloud API

  • (Unmaintained) google-drive-remarkable-sync - Apps Script API for reMarkable Cloud. Includes Synchronizer capability to automate mirroring of documents from Google Drive to reMarkable Cloud.
  • jrmapi - A Java API for the reMarkable Cloud.
  • reMarkableAPI - Docs and implementation of the reMarkable file sync API.
  • reMarkable-typescript - TypeScript API for reMarkable Cloud.
  • Remarkable.jl - Julia API Interface to the reMarkable cloud.
  • remarkdav - A tool to sync PDF files from a WebDAV directory to the reMarkable Cloud.
  • rMAPI - ReMarkable Cloud Go API.
  • rmapy - ReMarkable Cloud Python API.
  • rmcl- Asynchronous Python library for the reMarkable Cloud.
  • rmfakecloud - Fake Cloud Sync, server implementation of the Cloud API.

Lines Format

  • lines-are-beautiful - C++ File API for the reMarkable tablet.
  • lines-are-rusty - Rust File API for the reMarkable tablet.
  • reMarkable-kaitai - Kaitai Struct format specification for the binary lines format.
  • (Unmaintained) reMarkable-layers - Python API for reading & writing reMarkable Lines format. Supports very basic conversion of PDFs and SVGs to Lines format.
  • rmrl - The reMarkable Rendering Library for Python converts annotated documents to PDF files.

Other APIs

  • libreMarkable - A framework for developing applications with native refresh support for reMarkable Tablet.



  • chessMarkable - Play chess against a bot or a friend.
  • DOOMarkable - Play DOOM on the reMarkable 1.
  • minesweeper - A mine detection game.
  • recrossable - Crossword game with simplistic handwriting recognition and automatic generation of crosswords.
  • retris - Play a clone of the popular block stacking game with either buttons or swipe guestures.


  • draft-reMarkable - A launcher for the reMarkable tablet, which wraps around the standard interface.
  • oxide - A launcher application for the reMarkable tablet.
  • remux - A multi-tasking launcher for the reMarkable tablet.

Cloud Tools

  • CUPS Printing - Script to print directly to reMarkable Cloud from CUPS using rMAPI.
  • mendeley-rMsync - Script to sync PDFs (with annotations) from/to a Mendeley folder.
  • (Unmaintained) reCatchable - Turn websites into ebooks, upload them to reMarkable.
  • reGitable - Backup your reMarkable with git and sync changes to a remote repository automatically.
  • remarkable_simplenote - Sync simplenote notes to reMarkable (currently one-way)
  • reMarkable-Sink - Turn a folder into a wormhole to your reMarkable.
  • remarkable-substack - Syncs unread Substack posts to the reMarkable Cloud.
  • reMarkable_syncthing - Syncthing on reMarkable.
  • remarkable-zapier - Zapier Integration for reMarkable Cloud
  • remarking - CLI tool to extract highlights from any document in the reMarkable cloud.
  • rm-pdf-tools - Service that allows users to insert and delete pages from annotated PDFs on the device.
  • rM-sync - Sync script for reMarkable paper tablet.
  • RMfuse - FUSE filesystem for the reMarkable Cloud.
  • sync_zotero_remarkable - Sync PDFs from Zotero to reMarkable.
  • url2epub - Telegram bot to generate ePub out of URL and send directly to reMarkable Cloud.
  • zotero-reMarkable - Script to sync PDFs from the Zotero reference manager.
  • Zotero2reMarkable Bridge - Sync files from Zotero to reMarkable and back based on tags; supports v2.7< highlights.

Device Tools

  • paginator - Physical foot pedal to turn pages on the device with no hands (e.g. for playing sheet music).
  • ReCept - Fix for the rM2 jagged line issue.
  • rM-signature-patch - Simple script to remove that pesky advert at the bottom of a mail originating from a reMarkable.
  • remarvin - Profile and file encrytion manager that allows to manage notebooks for different users and to optionally protect the files with a password through gocryptfs-based encryption (device only).
  • Signature-rM - Remove the signature from the bottom of emails sent from the device.
  • splash.dat converter - Simple script to convert an image to the rM2 .dat format for a splash screen.
  • WebInterface-OnBoot - Enable the web interface on boot.
  • WebInterface-Upload-Button - Upload button for the web interface, alternative to drag and drop.
  • WebInterface-Wifi - View the web interface if running, over wifi.

GUI Clients

  • asTounding - A multiplatform GUI application for the reMarkable cloud, including Linux.
  • RemaPy - GUI to browse, download/upload files and backup the tablet (also on Linux) using the cloud.
  • reMarkable-assistant - Manage templates, splash screens, and settings on your reMarkable tablet.
  • reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU) - A cross-platform client for offline management of backups, screenshots, notebooks, templates, wallpaper, and third-party software.
  • reMarkable-hyutilities - A GUI written in java to backup your device, upload templates and modify splash screens.
  • reMarkable Remember - A cross-platform client for offline management of backups, notebooks, templates and hand writing recognition via MyScript.
  • ReMy - A GUI to browse, preview documents, export documents with custom settings, all via SSH (no cloud needed); works from local raw backups too.
  • rM2 Template Helper Windows tool for template management, and to download community templates.
  • rMExplorer - GUI to browse, download/upload files and backup the tablet without using the cloud.
  • rmUploader - Simple web app to upload epub or pdf files to the reMarkable tablet via drag and drop.
  • rmWebUI - Simple web interface to the reMarkable® cloud.
  • (Unmaintained) Slithin - Free Management Application for Windows/Linux/MacOS.


  • Book-safe - Hide books/documents between a given time period.
  • (Unmaintained) Calibre-Remarkable-Device-Driver-Plugin - A Calibre Plugin to Manage your Remarkable Books.
  • Crazy Cow - Typewriter input from USB keyboard directly into reMarkable interface.
  • Drawj2d - Create technical line drawings on an editable reMarkable notebook page. (Guidance how to upload the page to the device using rMAPI.)
  • Funcky reMarkable Exporter - Export notes from a reMarkable Tablet to File System and External Services.
  • Goosepaper: Deliver prettily-formatted RSS feeds, news articles, Wikipedia articles-of-the-day, and more to your reMarkable tablet.
  • instapaper-as-pdf-to-reMarkable - Export Instapaper-Articles to PDF and send them to a connected rM tablet.
  • landscape-pdf - Utility to convert pdf documents to read in landscape mode. Useful for papers and text books.
  • morningpaper2reMarkable - A bot to sync the morning paper to a reMarkable tablet.
  • nix-remarkable - Nix expressions for the reMarkable tablet leveraging the company's toolchain.
  • paper2reMarkable - Download an academic paper or HTML article, crop it, and send it to the reMarkable with a single command.
  • mail2rm - Mail PDF documents to your reMarkable cloud using your mail transport agent e.g. postfix.
  • microSD - Tutorial for adding a microSD card reader to the reMarkable 1.
  • neofetch - A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+.
  • Parabola-rM - A Desktop GNU/Linux-libre replacement OS with fast partial refreshing and USB OTG.
  • pdf2rmnotebook - Creates a reMarkable Notebook from multiple PDF files.
  • pocket2rm - Synchronize articles from read-later platform pocket in PDF and epub.
  • remailable - Email PDFs directly to your reMarkable. (Free publicly-hosted version available).
  • reHackable/maxio - Companion daemon for the reMarkable paper tablet.
  • (Unmaintained) reHackable/scripts - A set of bash scripts that may enhance your reMarkable experience.
  • reMarkable CLI tooling - CLI-tooling to sync documents to a reMarkable, to clean deleted files etc. without needing cloud access
  • reMarkable-crosswords - Get crosswords freshly delivered to your Remarkable every morning.
  • reMarkable_entware - Package manager for reMarkable. Install common Unix utilities through the command line.
  • reMarkable_keyboard - Software to use rM as wireless keyboard/mouse.
  • reMarkable_mouse - Use your reMarkable as a graphics tablet.
  • remarkable_news - Use daily news/comics/images as the suspend screen.
  • reMarkable_pdflets - Dynamically updating PDFs.
  • remarkable_printer - Print from any device to reMarkable without browser extensions or reMarkable cloud.
  • reMarkable-fs - A FUSE filesystem wrapper for the reMarkable tablet.
  • reMarkable-random-screens - Change your poweroff and suspend screens every 5 minutes with random images of your choice
  • remarkable-shortcuts - Add extra 'gestures' (currently double taps) for easier navigation.
  • reMarkable-touchgestures - Touch gestures (swipe/touch) for easy page navigation.
  • (Unmaintained) reMarkable-tweak - Tweak tool for the reMarkable paper tablet. Lets you organize your templates with no fuss.
  • reMarkablePocket - Synchronize articles from read-later platform Pocket in epub format.
  • reMarkableSync - A Microsoft OneNote addin for importing notebooks from reMarkable as text or images.
  • remarks - Extract highlights, scribbles, and annotations from PDFs. Export to Markdown, PNG, and SVG.
  • reMouseable - Use your reMarkable tablet as a mouse.
  • remt - reMarkable tablet command-line tools.
  • reSnap - Take snapshots of your reMarkable screen over SSH.
  • rM-dl-annotated - Export annotated PDFs from reMarkable tablets.
  • rm-pySAS - Python wrapper for simple.
  • rmirro - A script that synchronizes PDFs of documents between a Remarkable and a computer folder that mirrors its file structure without cloud access.
  • rMsync - Synchronisation script with a local dedicated "library" folder.
  • rmTabletDriver - Application that allows you to simulate/clone rM input on your computer.
  • rmWacomToMouse - Use the wacom pen as a mouse to draw on your pc.
  • rmWebUiTools - View a file tree, see statistics and export/backup all files with some simple scripts utilizing the web ui.
  • send_by_rmapi - A Calibre plugin to send books to your reMarkable, making use of rmapi.
  • RemarkableLamyEraser - Supports Lamy Al Star stylus button to erase or undo for reMarkable tablets.
  • rm2anki - Convert reMarkable notebooks into an Anki card decks.

Screen Sharing/Streaming

  • goMarkableStream - Stream the screen of the reMarkable 2 (FW 2.5) easily (client/server in Go with no installation) along with the colors (with FW > 2.11.x).
  • pipes and paper - Stream pen strokes to browser canvas via websockets (blog post). Uses Python and SSH, nothing to compile or install on the reMarkable device.
  • pipes and paper enhanced - Share the pen strokes to a browser without installling anything on the ReMarkable (a revived fork of the previous link with pen colors and eraser support, responsive interface).
  • pipes and rust - (Made for rM2) Stream pen strokes to browser. A single executable on the reMarkable that hosts a tiny webserver in the local WLAN.
  • reStream - Stream your reMarkable screen over SSH.
  • rMview - A fast GUI to stream your reMarkable screen over vanilla-SSH or VNC.
  • rM-vnc-server - A fast & efficient damage-tracking (sending only updated regions) VNC server for streaming the reMarkable's screen.
  • srvfb - Alternative screen-streaming software. Written in Go.
  • VNSee - VNC client for the reMarkable tablet allowing you to use the device as a second screen.

Custom Templates

Template Builders