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Next.js: The React Framework.

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  • Kaminari Template - Power packed Next.js and Tailwind CSS template. Built with developer experience in mind. Contains Husky, CommitLint, Prettier, Eslint etc. configs. ✨
  • Next.js Static Blog - Next.js static blog powered by the Cosmic Headless CMS
  • NextJS Headless CMS Powered Blog Starter
  • Next.js App with AWS Lambda - Deploy a Next.js App to AWS Lambda using Apex Up.
  • Nitro πŸš€ - An Example of a PWA using Nextjs, Material-UI, Typescript and Auth0 πŸ’—
  • Next & Now 2.0 Typescript template - Serverless, Typescript, Jest, Github CI, SCSS, prettier boilerplate
  • Next Right Now - Flexible production-grade boilerplate with Next.js 9 and Vercel, with pre-configured Sentry, cookies, Amplitude, Emotion, FontAwesome, GraphQL/GraphCMS (Apollo), Bootstrap (Reactstrap), i18next (Locize), Jest, Cypress (E2E tests) and CI/CD (GH Actions), with full TypeScript support and support for B2B multi-tenants web apps (monorepo)
  • Next Graphql Apollo Typescript_Boostrap - Pobocha - React + GraphQL + Next.js + Apollo + Scss + Typescript + Prettier & EsLint boilerplate
  • Next & Vercel Typescript template - Serverless, Typescript, Jest, Github CI, SCSS, prettier boilerplate
  • NextJS in Firebase with Bootstrap - Hosting NextJS app with Bootstrap in Firebase with Cloud Functions.
  • Next Simple Starter - Simple PWA boilerplate with Next.js and Redux.
  • NextJS Starter - Starter project for Next.js with and email and oAuth authentication.
  • nextjs-starter - An SEO Optimized Next.js 10 starter kit template with React 17 + Typescript + Tailwind CSS 2 + React Query 3 + (GitHub Auth + Passwordless Auth) using (NextAuth.js and Fauna DB), ESLint, Prettier, Pre-commit hook with Husky. Can have different layouts for different pages.
  • RAN! - Production-ready boilerplate with support for GraphQL, SSR, Hot-reload, CSS-in-JS, caching, and more.
  • Next Simple Blog - Simple Markdown based blog built with Next.js with static exports.
  • phox - Create a static photo blog.
  • Next Express Bootstrap Boilerplate - Boilerplate for a full stack app built using Next, Express, react-bootstrap, SCSS and SSR with eslint.
  • Next Blog Firestore - Blog with simple CMS built with Next.js, Firebase Firestore, styled-components and mobx-state-tree.
  • Next Redux Starter - Next.js starter with Express, Redux, and PostCSS.
  • NextJS Redux-Wrapper Material-UI - πŸ€“ A boilerplate NextJS with Redux and Material UI.
  • Staart - 😎 Actively maintained Next.js components library and minimal boilerplate to rapidly get staarted with app with working user accounts based on Ooth.
  • NextJS TypeScript Starter Kit - πŸŽ‰ TypeScript + NextJS, Styled-jsx, Redux, PostCSS, configurable SEO
  • Next Boilerplate - External CSS and Sass + Importing images from anywhere + Prettier and Eslint + Environment variables and many more features.
  • next-starter - A full and simple boilerplate with sass (.scss) and postcssbuilt in.
  • Typescript Monorepo Next Example - A minimalistic next.js + typescript monorepo.
  • tomimick/tm-nextjs-starter - A minimal starter/demo with basic CRUD, axios/localstorage, MobX, SASS, static site export, live demo
  • csprance/next-smrt - A minimal boilerplate with redux, styled-components, material-ui and typescript with a custom express server.
  • Nextron - An Electron with Next.js apps generator ⚑
  • next-boilerplate - A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Reverse Proxy, Bundle
  • Oh My Fullstack - Full stack web application skeleton (Next.js, Redux, RxJS, Immutable, Express)
  • Next-Postgres-With-Typescript - Forum-like fullstack web app with Next 7.0.2 + Sequelize 4/Postgres + Typescript + Redux + Passport Local Auth + Emotion
  • Next.js with Express and Babel - An application skeleton for those who want to transpile their Express as well as their Next.js code using Babel.
  • next-postgres-graphql - Create SSR Next.js websites using GraphQL with Postgres (Next.js, Postgres, GraphQL)
  • nextjs-mongodb-app - Full-fledged app made with Next.JS and MongoDB, with authentication and much more (Next.js 9, MongoDB)
  • react-next-boilerplate - πŸš€ A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.
  • The-Nextjs-starter - typescript + redux + styled-components + react-testing-library + eslint + fontawesome
  • The Knests Stack - Full stack boilerplate/hackathon starter with: PostgreSQL, Knex.js, NestJS, Next.js (obviously), GraphQL, React (with hooks and typescript), Material-UI, Docker multistage images for, Docker compose and a Gitlab CI/CD pipeline fully configured.
  • Devii - A Medium-inspired dev blog starter built with Next.js, React, and TypeScript, with Markdown rendering, syntax highlighting, SEO/meta tags, and RSS feed generation out of the box.
  • Nextjs Blog Starter - πŸš€ The perfect starter code for your blog based on Next.js framework. ⚑️ Made with Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
  • Next.js and Netlify Blogging Template - A perfect boilerplate for building a blog website on Netlify stacks with standard features like tagging, CMS, and shortcodes.
  • Nextjs Apollo Nexus - GraphQL Apollo Client-Server integration in Next.js with Nexus Schema (Code first approach).
  • Nextjs Starter Peacock - 🦚 Beautiful Nextjs portfolio starter for software engineers and designers to show work they're so proud of.
  • Nextatic - 🌍 Static website multi-language boilerplate with user-editable pages and navigation using Netlify CMS + Next.js + SCSS + Typescript.
  • Sitemap generator for NextJS & StrAPI - 🦾 An additional server on express that runs alongside nextjs and regenerates sitemap ( with index sitemap ) and robots.txt files on request from STR API.
  • superplate - superplate creates Next.js app in seconds with TypeScript, styled-components, SWR, Storybook, and 35+ plugin.
  • Hydrogen - Hydrogen is a Nextjs blog starter template build with tailwindCss and MDX supports. It has all necessary MDX shortcodes out of the box.
  • Next-Fire-Auth - A awesome boilerplate for startup application with authentication using Next.js + Typescript + Tailwind CSS + Firebase-auth + React-Firebase-Hooks
  • NextJS Chargebee Subscription - A Chargebee focused T3 Stack that integrates User Subscriptions, Authentication and Testing. Driven by Prisma ORM.
  • Next.js Enterprise - enterprise-grade boilerplate for high-performance, maintainable apps. Built with Tailwind CSS, RadixUI, TypeScript and more.
  • Start UI [web] - πŸš€ opinionated UI starter with TypeScript, React, NextJS, Chakra UI, tRPC, Prisma, TanStack Query, Storybook, Playwright, Formiz





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  • Next.js News - Monthly Next.js newsletter showcasing new and upcoming features, best articles, tools, and plugins.
  • Next.js Notes - Monthly Next.js and JavaScript platform news.


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